Amy Schumer’s got a baby on the way, but her child isn’t the only new thing she’s bringing into the world in the next few months. The comedian took to Instagram to announce she filmed a comedy special for Netflix called Amy Schumer Growing. So, when does Amy Schumer Growing hit Netflix? Luckily, Schumer’s special is arriving soon, probably even before her baby does.

In her video announcement, Schumer teased that she’s going to reveal the gender of her baby. But, instead of cutting into a bright pink cake or shooting a blue confetti canon, she says that she and her husband Chris Fischer actually don’t care about the baby’s gender. She took the opportunity to talk about the fluidity of gender identity and munch on what looks like a delicious donut, while also throwing a little shade at one of entertainment’s more denigrated professions. She said, "Any way the baby identifies is cool with us, as long as it doesn’t identify as a DJ."

But, the real announcement came when Schumer revealed that she recently filmed a comedy special while in Chicago, and that special will be coming to Netflix on March 19. You can see Schumer’s entire announcement video below:

According to Netflix, her upcoming special will be all about "marriage, pregnancy, politics, and more." Schumer’s life has changed a lot since the last time she had a special on Netflix with 2017’s "The Leather Hour." Since then, she’s gotten married and started a family, so her perspective is likely very different from what it was when she was a single gal. What isn’t different, though, is her raunchy sense of humor, so the special is still sure to be full of Schumer’s signature sex-talk.

In her announcement video, Schumer said, "I taped a special […] and I’m really proud of it. It’s called Growing. And I think it’s the best special I’ve ever done." After her last special, Schumer endured a harassment campaign by alt-right internet trolls, who tried to lower her ratings by bombarding her work with bad reviews. But Schumer calling the upcoming special her "best ever" only goes to show that she’s bounced back from those trolls stronger than ever. In response to the trolls, she wrote an Instagram post in 2017 that said:

Schumer has shared a lot of her pregnancy journey on social media, including the fact that she has hyperemesis, which is a severe form of morning sickness. She’s even had to cancel a few shows because of the condition, so it’s exciting that fans who missed her performances will get to see her stand-up set on Netflix. Schumer has shown that she keeps going no matter what – whether internet trolls or illnesses try to stop her – and she has another special to show for it.

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