Jonathan Majors meagan good

Jonathan Majors has fled the Big Apple after his high-profile guilty verdict — he’s in Los Angeles, and he’s still rolling with his ever-loyal GF Meagan Good.

The embattled actor — who was convicted on assault and harassment charges Monday in his Manhattan criminal trial — touched down at LAX late Tuesday night WITH Meagan right by his side, along with at least one other person in his crew.

Jonathan Majors Lands In L.A. With Meagan Good

As you can see, they were going down a set of stairs to the tarmac, and it looks like they flew in private … ’cause there’s no one else around except an airline worker.

No clear shots of their faces or anything like that — these pics were taken from a distance — but everything about the scene says MG is sticking by Majors’ side even after he was found guilty.

Mind you, she walked out with him after the jury returned its verdict … with her head high.

We didn’t see Meagan with JM while he stepped out by himself in NYC Tuesday afternoon — but she’s obviously still with the guy.

It’s possible he wanted to get out of town and lay low somewhere else — but frankly, Hollywood might not be the best place for that. If anything, there’s more photogs here than perhaps even in NY … so unless he plans on hunkering down in a house, he’ll be spotted plenty.

Maybe he’s here to seek comfort from his famous pals … or to start the work of rehabbing his rep, which has taken a hit. It is the holidays after all, the season of forgiveness.

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