BEAUTY lovers are rushing to Bodycare to snap up their latest perfume dupes in time for Christmas, including a dupe of Gucci Bamboo that is more than £60 cheaper.

TikTok user @dontmesswiththedupes highlighted the beauty bargains via a video posted to their account, which they often use tospotlight the latest perfume dupes.

The first dupe highlighted by the account was a dupe of a £68 bottle of Gucci Bamboo for just £4.99.

The dupe, called Sugar Cane has a floral and citrus scent just like the original, so you can smell sensational without breaking the bank.

The next dupe highlighted by the TikTok account was a dupe of Paco Rabanne's Olympia, which is on sale for £64.66.

Bodycare's Champia is only 4.99, making it a whopping £59.67 cheaper.

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Both perfumes have notes of ginger, jasmine and mandarin so you can smell boujie for a fraction of the price.

The next dupe referenced in the TikTok is another Paco Rabanne dupe, this time for Lady Million, which is currently retailing at £64.00.

The perfume's Bodycare equivalent, Lady Gold is only £4.99, meaning that it is £59 cheaper than the original.

Both are floral perfumes so friends won't be able to tell you're only using a budget buy.

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The TikTok video also highlighted that Bodycare is selling a dupe of Marc Jacobs' £77.60 Daisy Dream called Exquisite Dream for just £4.99, making it £72.61 cheaper.

Both have notes of blackberry, pear and grapefruit so you can smell great without it hurting your bank account.

The video highlighted that Bodycare are also doing dupes of men's aftershaves such as a Bleu de Chanel dupe called Blue.

The Chanel perfume is £76.95, whereas the Bodycare perfume is more than £70 cheaper at £4.99 so it's a great bargain buy to treat your man this Christmas.

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