44 Butt Tattoos That Will Have You Feeling Positively Peachy

There are many sexy placements you could choose for your next piece of body art, but one of the best locations you can ink has to be on your booty. If you’re considering getting a sexy butt tattoo, you’ve come to the right place.

Halsey, Cardi B, and Teyana Taylor are among the many celebrities who’ve decided to embellish their booties with cheeky designs (yes, pun intended), and if you’re considering doing the same, we have just the list for you. Whether you’re thinking of adorning your backside with a subtle and tiny design or turning your entire butt into a hyperrealistic work of art, we’ve rounded up a ton of inspiration that proves a butt tattoo can also be tasteful.

For one, because it’s in a relatively hidden spot, not everyone will get to see it — making the tattoo your (and anyone else you choose to show) little secret. Not to mention, the sex appeal of a tattoo is generally in its placement; the right design may end up being the best permanent reminder of just how hot you truly are.

Whether you’re looking for a tiny piece of ink for your bottom or something intricate, we’ve got you covered. To get inspiration for your own sexy butt tattoo, keep scrolling.

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