Researchers who carried out a detailed study found the majority of us have a lifespan in mind when purchasing kitchen gadgets and white goods.

According to the stats we expect a washing machine to work trouble-free for eight years and our oven to last just over a decade.

It also emerged ideally a dishwasher should last eight years and a tumble dryer should last slightly longer.

Despite our love of the latest kitchen tech, the study also found 57 per cent of Brits have gadgets and appliances in their kitchen they rarely, or ever, use.

A spokesperson for, which commissioned the research, said: “When we buy an appliance for our kitchen, we expect it to last, especially for larger purchases such as a washing machine as we want to get the most out of them.

"However, we recommend people check the efficiency of older appliances as these could run up the cost of the monthly energy bill.

"It’s also important to keep up to date with changing technology.

"Fridges are smarter than ever and ovens can be activated on your phone so there may be a better machine out there for you."

How long we expect our kitchen gadgets to last

Toaster – 6.5 years

Microwave – 7.8 years

Fridge – 9.4 years

Oven – 10.1 years

Coffee machine – 6.6 years

Kettle – 5.8 years

Washing machine – 8.2 years

Dishwasher – 8 years

Tumble drier – 8.1 years

Blender – 7.4 years

Ice cream maker – 6.7 years

Bread maker – 7.2 years

Electric tin opener – 6.6 years

George Foreman or similar grill – 7.1 years

Freezer – 9.6 years

The study of 2,000 homeowners also revealed how much it costs us to use each item before it comes to the end of its shelf-life.

According to the research conducted through, an average washing machine lasting eight years and two months spins through more than 15 washing cycles every month – or a total of 1,470 washes.

This means that each wash will cost consumers precisely 22.6 pence.

Brits will put their toaster to work 16 times a month at a cost of 0.05p per use.

Assuming it makes two slices of toast each time, that means it will prepare 2,496 slices of hot toast for its owner before giving up the ghost.

The majority of Brits believe their kettle will be the kitchen appliance that needs replacing next, shortly followed by their washing machines.

How much each gadget costs per use

Toaster – 0.05p

Microwave – 0.08p

Oven – 0.16p

Coffee machine – 0.13p

Kettle – 0.04p

Washing machine – 0.23p

Dishwasher – 0.19p

Tumble drier – 0.27p

Blender – 0.23p

Ice cream maker – 0.31p

Bread maker – 0.32p

Electric tin opener – 0.13p

George Foreman or similar grill – 0.21p

Four in 10 Brits think the general build quality of kitchen appliance has become much worse in recent years.

And less than half of the population have an emergency fund put aside in case a large kitchen appliance needs replacing.

A fifth of respondents also claim to be ‘loyal’ to particular brands when it comes to purchasing white goods and other kitchen equipment.

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