TikTok user outlines 'zig-zag' method for Christmas lights

Christmas is really the only time that the uglier a jumper is, the more stylish it becomes. Amazon has delivered on the ugly-yet-funny Christmas jumpers festive season, with a vast array of jumpers that will make everyone around you laugh out loud. Keep scrolling to see our selection of the best hilariously funny, and often a bit rude, Christmas jumpers for this year.

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LEKEEZ Christmas Jumper “Chillin’ with my homies”

A vibrant blue unisex Christmas jumper with three snowmen wearing sunglasses that says “Chillin’ with my homies” screams cool.

RRP: £19.99

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Idgreatim Unsiex Ugly Christmas Pullover Sweatshirts 3D Print

Featuring a very realistic photo of a shirtless man with a hairy chest and baubles dangling from his nipples, this unisex Christmas jumper will definitely get you a few double takes.

RRP: £20.99

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Tokyo Laundry Men’s ‘Merry Christmas’ Novelty Xmas Jumper

You’d hope you haven’t been naughty this year when you see this Christmas jumper, which features Santa sitting on your chimney depositing an unwanted gift with the phrase: “Well you’ve been really naughty”.

RRP: £27.99

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Christmas Jumper Rude Flashing Santa Novelty Xmas Knit Sweater

This cheeky men’s Christmas jumper shows Santa flashing his netherregions with the phrase: “I only get my baubles out once a year”.

RRP: £24.95

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NOROZE Unisex Men’s Ugly Naughty Knitted Christmas Jumper

This is why we don’t eat yellow snow. This naughty Christmas jumper shows Santa weeing a “Ho Ho Ho” message into the snow.

RRP: £25.99

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AIDEAONE Unisex Ugly Christmas Jumper

Dog lovers will adore this Christmas jumper that is adorned with lots of little dogs wearing festive costumes.

RRP: £20.99

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Christmas Jumper Men’s The Most Wonderful Time for A Beer

A stylish olive green beer-themed Christmas jumper with “The most wonderful time for a beer” will be a hit for a lager lover.

RRP: £29.99

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GirlzWalk ® Women Xmas Knitted Hands Off My Puddings Funny Two Cupcakes Christmas Jumper

Chic black Christmas jumper with a Christmas pudding over each breast with “hands off my puddings” makes for a very funny jumper.

RRP: £15.99

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