It's finally Halloween, the spookiest time of the year.

Although the gruesome period might be slightly different in 2020, one thing that's still on the menu are pumpkins.

As a tradition, people mark the occasion by carving spooky faces on the food, while others take it to another level.

Over on Instagram, some cheeky Halloween fans decided to carve some very rude shapes for a seriously naughty trend.

From penises to vaginas, here Daily Star Online looks through some of the most X-rated pumpkin carvings we've seen this year.

But readers we are warning you, these pumpkin carvings are very rude.

In one X-rated photo, an Instagram user carved a penis into his pumpkin to give it an adult theme.

Another person joked the pumpkin got its crude design after he left his partner alone for a few minutes.

The user wrote: "You leave your boyfriend alone with a pumpkin for five minutes.

"All of a sudden putting out is a 'public decency'."

And apparently it's not just phallic shapes which have become a popular carving design on pumpkins.

We've also seen people sculpting vaginas on their Halloween treats too.

In one eye-opening image, an Instagram user put their skills to the test to make a very naughty shape.

The photo isn't as graphic as the others but it'll certainly turn a lot of heads of those who are trick-or-treating this year.

If you're in need of inspiration this Halloween, we also revealed the best pumpkin carving ideas too.

From monsters to owls, there are plenty of easy designs to get stuck into this Halloween.

All you need in order to carve a pumpkin is a sharp serrated knife, large serving spoon and a marker pen.

The knife is used to cut the crown off, and then you can scoop out the seeds, fibres and flesh.

You can print and cut out the templates then use a marker pen to draw the outline on the pumpkin.

Once you're happy with how it looks, get your knife ready to start cutting.

If you like Frankenstein's monster, then you'll love this spooky template.

Or if a vampire with fangs is what tickles your fancy, why not try this one instead?

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