CUSTOMISE your advent calendar surprises this year with one of these festive DIY designs that you can use over and over again.

You’ll prevent the landfill waste that comes from a traditional one-use-only calendar and the lucky recipient will experience the joy of receiving thoughtful little gifts that you’ve curated just for them.

Whether you go for cardboard or wooden boxes or a hanging fabric calendar, you’ll need 24 different ideas for the gifts to put inside it!

Think travel-sized toiletries, socks, soaps, cosmetics, small toys, herbal teas, shopping vouchers, lottery tickets, stationery, sweets and boozy miniatures (not for the kids obvs) – let your imagination run riot and you’ll be amazed and amused at the ideas you can conjure up.

Invest in one of the best make your own advent calendars we’ve rounded up below and you could be all set to start a whole new family tradition.

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