What’s better than a Shake Shack cheeseburger (besides a Shake Shack cheeseburger with a side of fries)? A free Shake Shack cheeseburger, and, luckily, the fast-casual chain is handing them out from now through Wednesday, January 2 (who said Christmas was over?).

There’s…no occasion, really. Or at least not one that we’re aware of. This just seems to be Shake Shack saying, “hey, you made it through 2018, good job,” which is a sentiment we can get behind. To get the deal, all you have to do is place an order through the Shake Shack app or order.shakeshack.com, and use the code THANKYOU18 at checkout. You do have to spend at least $10 to redeem the offer, but that means you can treat a friend to lunch (or order yourself a side of cheese fries and a shake with multiple mix-ins).

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In other Shake Shack news, the chain is experimenting with delivery options (while their delivery program is still in pilot mode, it’s available in some form at nearly all Shake Shack locations)—they’re even considering adding delivery-specific menu items, as well as “off-premise packaging,” according to the trade publication Restaurant Business.

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There are still a lot of kinks to work out before the pilot program becomes official, though. “We do not want at any point in time to risk the quality of the experience we provide,” company CFO Tara Comonte said at an investor conference earlier this month. “Shake Shack was born out of a fine-dining company. The delivery of our food does not necessarily fit with a great experience. Burgers and fries and shakes were not intended to be eaten a half-hour after they were cooked.”

Hopefully they’ll get there soon—Shake Shack has a big year ahead of them, with 36 to 40 new locations set to open in 2019.

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