Tie-Dye Sugar Cookies with Fruity Glaze

“These cookies are every bit an excuse to channel your inner artist,” says pastry chef Christina Tosi. “They also happen to be a delicious treat!”

The author of the Milk Bar: Kids Only cookbook flavors her glaze with fruit juices like grape, cranberry and orange, but you can use whatever you have in the fridge.

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Triple Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

“Every delicious bite tastes like the holidays,” says Bobbie Lloyd, Chief Baking Officer of Magnolia Bakery and author of The Magnolia Bakery Handbook.

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Candy Cane Meringues

Vallery Lomas, the Foodie in New York blogger and former Great American Baking Show winner, gives her treats a “holiday twist by adding peppermint flavor and a spiral of holly red!”

Her trick for making the festive design is to paint 2 or 3 red stripes equally spaced inside a piping bag before filling with the meringue mixture.

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Shortbread Wreaths with Candied Flowers

Martha Stewart’s pretty confections are decorated with crystallized ginger, chopped pistachios, and small edible flowers. They will “make an elegant statement” on your holiday dessert table, says the lifestyle expert.

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Peanut Butter & Sesame Crinkle Cookies

“If you can manage not to eat them all, I have it on good authority Santa would like one of these cookies left out with a glass of milk,” says David Atherton, winner of The Great British Baking Show season 10.

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Coconut, Oatmeal & Chocolate Chunk Cookies

These nutty, crunchy treats from Donatella Arpaia have a gooey center that’s to die for. Plus, they’re drop cookies, so there’s little decorating skill required.

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Candy Cane & Cocoa Cookie Pie

“It’ll make all your giant dessert dreams come true,” says Christina Tosi of this festive spin on the Build-A-Cookie feature at her Milk Bar flagship store in New York City’s Ace Hotel. It’s baked in an 8-inch cake pan so all you have to do is press the dough into the pan, bake, slice and serve.

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Ginger Shortbread with White Chocolate Cookies

If you’ve tried Alison Roman’s Salted Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies from her book Dining In, you’re going to love her seasonal twist on the Instagram-famous cookies.

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Frosted Two-Tone Cookies

“They’re perfectly soft and delicious,” Anne Byrn, the author of American Cookie, says about her festive spin on classic black and white cookies.

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Cream & Jam Cookie Sandwiches

These treats may look complicated to make, but Donna Hay, the author of Modern Baking, uses store-bought pie dough for a no-stress process.

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Chocolate Dipped Orange Madeleines

Meet your new go-to easy dessert for all of your holiday events, thanks to Vallery Lomas, the reigning champion of The Great American Baking Show.

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Salted Caramel Bars

Sweet, buttery shortbread is perfectly complimented by salted caramel and crunchy macadamia nuts for a “melt in your mouth” dessert from Paul Hollywood.

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Rainbow Kiss Cookies

“There’s so much joy in one tiny chocolate cookie!” says blogger Sally McKenney of her simple yet colorful creations.

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Lemon-Ricotta Sandwich Cookies

Two cookies are always better than one, especially when they are these sweet and tart treats from MasterChef Junior’s Kaitlyn Tomeny.

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Coconut Meltaways

Smitten Kitchen’s Deb Perelman uses coconut oil and flaked coconut for double the flavor in her twist on a classic.

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Almond Cherry Biscotti

Bill Yosses combines almonds, pistachios and dried cherries for his crispy cookie ideal for dunking, but you could easily swap in your favorite fruits and nuts to make it your own.

Get the recipe HERE.

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Stained Glass Ginger Spice Cookies

Lorraine Pascale makes these colorful treats by placing chopped fruit-flavored hard candies (such as Jolly Ranchers) in the middle of each cookie before baking. The candies melt in the oven to create a beautiful center you’ll want to admire—then eat!

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Hot Cocoa Cookies

“Every chilly day needs a batch of these treats,” Sally McKenney says of her confections made with hot chocolate mix in the batter and topped with toasted marshmallows.

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Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies 

Maneet Chauhan adds ground cinnamon and allspice to her cookies to create a warming treat perfect for the season. “To me this recipe is what the holiday is all about,” she says.

Get the recipe HERE.

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Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Great British Baking Show champ Nadiya Hussain covers her malty, chocolate biscuits with more melted milk chocolate and crushed peppermint candies to make the “the perfect bedtime snack with a glass of milk for children and grown-ups alike.”

Get the recipe HERE.

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Chocolate Mint Truffles

You’ll never guess that these cocoa-covered truffles from Worth Cooking are actually a little healthy! They are made with dates, so you don’t have to feel bad about sneaking an extra one or two. Too bad the cocoa powder on your fingers will give you away.

Get the recipe HERE.

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Smoky Cardamom Ginger-Molasses Cookies

Think of these cookies from Reclaiming Provincial like chewy gingersnaps, but with the added warm flavor of black cardamom. We recommend making extra to dunk into your morning coffee.

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Chocolate Toffee Saltines

Advance warning: Double this recipe from With Style & Grace, because once you crack apart this crunchy, sweet, salty treat you won’t be able to stop nibbling.

Get the recipe HERE.

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Rugelach with Cranberries, Pecans & Apple Butter

Traditional rugelach is made with raisins and apricot jam, so this variation from Apt. 2B Baking Co. makes for a slightly more tart – and dare we say more festive – cookie.

Get the recipe HERE.

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Chocolate-Dipped Pecan Bars

Hey, pecan pie lovers: This treat from The Candid Appetite is for you. It’s just like dipping a slice of gooey pecan pie in melted chocolate which, quite honestly, can’t be beat.

Get the recipe HERE.

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Almond Matzoh Toasts

These toasts from Big Girls, Small Kitchen will remind you of flaky almond croissants. They’re ideal for Passover and Hanukkah – or any time of year.

Get the recipe HERE.

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Lemon Burst Cookies

Some times it seems counterintuitive that one of the freshest fruits is in season during the coldest months. But we’ll never say no to a lemon cookie. Especially one of these tart, sweet citrus crinkle cookies from Crunchy, Creamy, Sweet.

Get the recipe HERE.

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Lace Cookies

We won’t blame you if you nibble on a couple of these cookies from Two Peas and Their Pod right out of the oven. The sweet, crispy treats are delicious on their own but – since we’re firmly in the chocolate-makes-everything-better camp – also save a few to make into sandwiches later.

Get the recipe HERE.

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Peanut Butter & Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies

OMG PB&J. These jam-filled cookies from Joy the Baker have everything you want in a snack: honey roasted peanut butter and sweet-tart jam, all housed in a perfect bite.

Get the recipe HERE.

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Raspberry Crumble Bars

The brown sugar in these jam-filled bars from Love and Lemons gives them a rich molasses flavor. Not a raspberry fan? Swap in blackberry jam, fig preserves or even Concord grape jam.

Get the recipe HERE.

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Cowboy Cookies

There’s nothing that says home for the holidays more than Melissa Gilbert’s chocolate chunk cookies from her cookbook inspired by Little House on the Prairie. They are the perfect blend of oatmeal, peanut butter and chocolate chips.

Get the recipe HERE.

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Matcha Shortbread Cookies

They might be a bit unconventional for Christmas Day, but these matcha green tea cookies from Kirbie’s Cravings are the ideal afternoon treat after a day full of rich foods. Plus, you won’t need to use food coloring – the matcha powder makes them green naturally.

Get the recipe HERE.

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Chocolate Fudge Cookies with Candy Cane Buttercream

Did you know that the day after Christmas is National Candy Cane Day? We can think of no better way to celebrate than with these chocolate cookies with peppermint buttercream frosting from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Get the recipe HERE.

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Gingerbread Truffles

These truffles from A Couple Cooks have all the best flavors of the season: molasses, ginger, cinnamon and cloves. Leave a big plate out for Santa tonight and you may be rewarded tomorrow morning!

Get the recipe HERE.

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Orange Cranberry Icebox Cookies

Squeeze in as much holiday baking as possible this month! These fruit-packed cookies from The Faux Martha and author of The Minimalist Kitchen are sweet, tart and oh-so easy to make.

Get the recipe HERE.

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Linzer Cookies

There’s something so special about Ina Garten’s jam-filled cookies. Pick your favorite jellies or go with some can’t miss flavors: Raspberry preserves, apricot jam and blueberry jam.

Get the recipe HERE.

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Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

What makes peanut butter cookies even better? Chocolate, obviously. These decadent (read flourless) cookies from Edible Perspective are the perfect thing to bring to your New Year’s Eve party.

Get the recipe HERE.

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Lemon Madeleines

Say goodbye to 2016 with these buttery, lemony tea cakes (yes, they are technically cakes) from Hip Foodie Mom. New Year’s resolutions start tomorrow!

Get the recipe HERE.

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