That's usually followed by great intentions to hit the ground running the next day with plans of rigorous work outs for the next month to burn off those Christmas calories.

But hold it right there gym bunny. Apparently too much exercise can actually PREVENT you from losing weight.

According to Australian nutritionist Jessica Sepel, over-doing it with the work outs can stop your body burning fat.

Writing in her blog, she explained: "From clinical and personal experience, I can tell you that over-exercising can do more harm to your weight than good."

Interesting, tell us more Jess.

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Holiday season ? About to have some vino and dinner with friends ? Remember you can absolutely still enjoy this festive time when you are health conscious ? I indulge moderately but then make healthy choices and swaps whenever possible. I do drink alcohol, but I make the healthiest choice and sip slowly ? I also love to bring healthy dishes to the party or event – everyone loves it and they feel inspired when you do. Don’t deprive yourself during this time – it will only backfire later on….Mostly likely with binge eating or emotional eating ? Just think – balance, moderation and mindful choices during this fun time and by January – you will feel AMAZE – you won’t need to start any radical or extreme diet ? How good would that be? That’s the best part about the JSHealth life – every single month of the year feels good because it’s a lifestyle you can maintain. Am I right my girls? ?

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Blimey. Does that mean we can forget the gym altogether and stick on a box set while we dive back into the Ferrero Rocher?

Of course it doesn't. But it would pay to mix up your HIIT sessions with a more restorative work out, such as yoga, Pilates or walking.

These all help you sleep better, Jessica says, while also boosting your energy levels and (hallelujah) stimulating festive weight loss.

“Let go of any guilt you feel around exercise and stop putting the pressure on yourself every day to be exercising intensely,” Jessica writes.

“We know that moderate exercise for 30 minutes a day, maybe two sessions of interval or high-intensity training a week and then lots of yoga, pilates and walking, seems to work.”

She adds that "a rested body is a healthy body – and it is incredibly important to commit to resting daily."

We'll get right on that resting thing for the rest of January 1. Pass the remote.

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