Jenny From the Block surely knows how to turn all the heads in the room. Jennifer Lopez wore a massive hot pink Giambattista Valli dress to the New York City premiere of her new film Second Act and it was peak extra. It was easily the most gorgeous, impractical, and glorious thing she has ever worn.

Actually, scratch that.

It’s the most Rihanna thing that the singer, actor, dance, lifestyle guru, and all-around glam diva has ever worn.

The fluffy, larger-than-life gown with the epic and dreamy train looked like something Rihanna rocked on the red carpet a few years back. Lopez was every inch the hot pink princess in this gown — and she knew it.

The tulle gown, which had a high-low, mullet-like construction, was jaw-dropping. It boasted a train for days — seriously. This pic of the singer in her limo on the way to the premiere demonstrates how literally room-filling and dramatic the dress was.

It was the kind of dress that requires a team of assistants and a fully-staffed glam squad to get in and out of and to walk around in.

But know this. J. Lo wore the dress. It did not wear her. She did not get swallowed up by all that delicious fabric. Rather, she "sleighed" it during this holiday season.

The front of the dress was tiered and ruffly. But it was merely a second thought when compared to that train.

From this vantage point, you can see the high x low-ness of the dress. It was short in front and looooong in the back. La Lopez flashed some leg and was dutifully followed by that train. She was also accompanied by her longtime love Alex Rodriguez.

Oh, hey, look. It’s actor Vanessa Hudgens looking also beautiful in a statement, floral peach frock while hanging out with J. Lo’s dress.

The train likely needed an entire row of seats to be accommodated in the theater.

Lopez wisely wore her caramel locks in a top knot with a few loose pieces framing her face so that nothing distracted from or attempted to compete with the dress.

The color was certainly spring-like and festive in a different way. But it also added a pop of life and a burst of brightness during these late fall/early winter, gray and dreary doldrums.

J. Lo is known for her signature glow when it comes to her makeup — smoky eyes, shimmery cheeks, and nude, glossed lips. But at the Second Act premiere, her main source of radiance was that dress. "I love the color, number one, and then the drama of it," the multi-hyphenate told Entertainment Tonight about the frock. Indeed, this Giambattista Valli gown was all about the hot pink drama.

You know how I said that Lopez’s dress was the most Rihanna thing ever? Here’s why. Rih wore this cupcake pink, full gown to the 2015 Grammys. It was also designed by Giambattista Valli. Hence, the similarities in hue, shape, silhouette, and volume. J. Lo and RiRi likely opted for slicked back buns for the same reason — so the dresses remained the focal point.

Rihanna’s gown also had bold train but it was nowhere near as bright or as big as the J. Lo. dress. The frocks were kindred spirits but not copies. Both singers owned their pink, grand ‘n’ glam Giambattista Vallis. Because of course they did. If anyone can pull a mega voluminous dress off, it’s these two fashionistas.

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