A CRAFTY husband created an incredible treehouse-themed bed for his son, after being quoted hundreds to get it done professionally. 

Steven and Kayleigh Hardy revealed their little boy requested a jungle-themed bedroom, but the parents were shocked by the £800 price tag that came with it. 

Not wanting to disappoint his son, Steven rolled up his sleeves and got stuck into some DIY, after Kayliegh designed a structure.

The pair managed to make their son’s dream come to life for a fraction of the cost, adding he was 'over the moon' with his new bed.

The tree-house themed design comes complete with a balcony, skylight and sensor lights – which even has handy storage at the bottom. 

Faux foliage was draped around the frame for the finishing touch, and Kayleigh says the only thing that’s left is glow in the dark stars for the ceiling.

She shared the jungle masterpiece to Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK, saying: “In the jungle the mighty jungle the Lion sleeps tonight.

“My Husband Steven Hardy recent diy project.

“Our son asked if he could have a treehouse bed.

“We didn't fancy spending £800+ on one so I designed this one and my husband made it.

“Created for less than a quarter of what we would have paid had we have bought from an online store. 

The doorway was designed so we can fit in to change the bedding

“Our son is over the moon with his new bed. Complete with balcony, sensor lights and sky light.

“I'm still waiting on his glow in the dark stars for the ceiling.

“The doorway was designed so we can fit in to change the bedding and the safety net can be removed from the side to allow us to remove the mattress if we need too.” 

More than 800 people have praised Steven’s DIY skills, claiming he should change careers. 

One person said: “Absolutely love this!! What a lucky boy.”

Someone else wrote: “This is fab. Makes me wish my son was little again.”

A third thought: “This is amazing, I wouldn’t want to try and change the bedding though.”

This person raved: “How cute is this with the little skylight!”

Somebody else commented: “I want to actually move in lol love it.”

While this person added: “Looks awesome!. Does hubby do this for a living if not he should have a career change.”

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