YOU don't need all the time in the world to clean your home, you just need ten minutes, according to one mum.

Vicky Smith, a mum-of-two who runs The Mummy Bubble blog and YouTube channel has revealed eight quick and easy jobs you can do that'll have your home sparkling in minutes.

She demonstrated the cleaning jobs in a clip on her YouTube channel and said they're perfect for anyone who struggles to get all the cleaning done at once.

She said: "I recommend having a rolling list of these jobs on the go so that you can get them ticked off as and when you have 10 minutes.

And added: "These jobs all give your house an instant lift!"

1. Change the bed

The mum-of-two said she can easily strip the bed and put new sheets on in ten minutes or less, and finds she can even gets the kids' beds in too.

She admits it can take longer on occasion, particularly if she wants to vacuum or clean the mattress, but fresh sheets can go a long way in making your bedroom feel tidy.

2. Clean bathroom sinks

While your entire bathroom can often take hours to clean, it's surprising how much nicer the grubby space can look just by wiping over the sink.

Armed with a lovely smelling spray, gloves and a Minky, Vicky says it takes just two minutes to get her bathroom sink sparkling, and she'll often clean all three in her house in less than ten minutes.

In the clip, she says: "It's quite a nice job to do because it makes the room smell really nice and it just brightens up the sink, the tap and lifts the room."

3. Tidy one or two rooms

The mummy blogger from south England agrees that some rooms can take longer, but in the clip she was able to tidy both her girls' rooms by making the bed and picking up things off the floor.

Vicky says that when you focus on a couple of areas in your home, you don't feel so overwhelmed by the mess.

You'll also find that just tens minutes spent picking up some bits can make a huge difference in how the space looks when you're done.

4. Laundry

It's not uncommon to have a mountain of dirty clothes pile up because you don't have time to do it.

But Vicky says to allocate just ten minutes at a time to put a load on and start putting clean clothes away, and you'll find it'll become less overwhelming.

She says: "A little bit done every now and then can save you having to spend an hour on it at the weekend."

5. Dishwasher

We're not talking loading and unloading, but scrubbing and removing the built up grime – which, if left for too long, could take you hours.

Going in with The Pink Stuff, Vicky runs over the inside edges and the hinges from time to time to avoid it getting rusty and grubby.

She said it's a good way to keep your kitchen looking clean, especially since most families use it on a daily basis.

6. Sweeping and mopping the floors

Vicki says she can sweep and mop her entire home in just ten minutes, and it makes a huge difference once it's all clean and tidy.

The mum-of-two says to spray the floors with a cleaner of choice before you sweep, which will instantly make the house look and smell better.

7. Dust the blinds

Vicki has shutter blinds in every room of the house, and while it's a push to get them all done, she certainly can without distractions.

Blinds often build up a lot of dust, so keeping them clean can have your home looking and smelling fresh in no time.

8. Clean kitchen sink and surfaces

Tackling a messy kitchen is often something we put off, but it's extremely satisfying once it's done.

According to Vicky, just cleaning the sink and wiping down surfaces is enough to make the whole space look clean, and it doesn't take long at all.

To get her sink sparkling, Vicky uses a cream cleaner and a damp cloth before going in with a dry cloth to buff it out.

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