SEOUL – He was the first to be arrested in the K-pop scandal, and now singer Jung Joon-young is the first to be charged.

The authorities said he has been indicted on charges of violating the law after a probe into his alleged filming of women in sex acts, and sharing of the footage in a chatroom.

Other celebrities said to be in the chatroom included former BigBang singer Seungri and ex-FT Island member Choi Jong-hoon.

The scandal has widened to include other celebrities like Roy Kim and Eddy Kim, with talk that they shared illegal photographs and bribed officials to cover up offences like drink-driving, reported the allkpop portal.

Speculation is rife that Seungri could be the next artist to be arrested.

Apart from talk that he procured prostitutes for would-be investors in the Burning Sun club, he is also said to have arranged prostitution for guests who attended his birthday party in the Philippines in 2017.

Eight women have been questioned. The police believe that, while they said they engaged in sexual activities without payment, they were compensated via an all-expenses-paid trip.

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