Jo Malone has branded the decision to cut John Boyega out of the fragrance’s advert in China ‘despicable’ and ‘disgusting’.

The woman behind Jo Malone London has had no involvement with the brand since 2006, having sold it to Estee Lauder Companies Inc back in 1999.

However, the 56-year-old has faced global backlash since brand ambassador John was completely edited out of the Chinese version of the London Gent advert and replaced by actor Liu Haoran.

Speaking on Lorraine on Friday, Jo said she feels ‘so humiliated’ and ’emotional’ over the brand’s treatment of John.

‘I’m going to fight for my reputation and everything I believe in,’ Jo said.

Discussing the backlash she has received personally, she added: ‘I feel totally alone first of all. I feel so humiliated.’

Jo went on: ‘If I had been standing there in those shoes, I promise you, John, this would never have happened.

‘If you look at John for a second, this man didn’t just use his image, he brought his life story to people and to that brand. How dare somebody treat him… and he finds out he’s been replaced on social media? It makes me so emotional.

‘That for me is utterly despicable and disgusting. I know apologies have been issued but I’m sorry, this is someone’s life. No-one has been human about this.

‘You know what? Jo Malone London, Estee Lauder – this is your mess, clean it up.’

Discussing Jo Malone London’s apology following the controversy, Jo – who was recently defended by Rylan Clark-Neal – said it was too little too late.

‘Six days I’ve been left to deal with this mess. I find the apology insulting,’ the entrepreneur said.

‘If there is someone watching this and you were in one of those meetings [where the decision to cut John was made], you know it was wrong. Don’t ever, ever let it happen.’

‘While many brands understandably use a variety of global and local ambassadors, dismissively trading out one’s culture this way is not something I can condone.

‘It’s back to back but I assure you this will be dealt with swiftly. I don’t have time for nonsense. We press on and strong. Stay blessed people.’

Jo Malone London issued an apology following the public outrage, stating: ‘The concept for the film was based on John’s personal experiences and should not have been replicated.

‘While we immediately took action and removed the local version of the campaign, we recognise that this was painful and that offense was caused.

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