The coronavirus pandemic has touched all aspects of our lives, including our finances.

Many households have been forced to make drastic changes to their monthly budgets because of job losses or a reduction in income, but even those who have remained employed may have seen their spending shift in ways they hadn’t anticipated.

We’d like to hear more about what you’ve experienced since March, as we try to better understand what sort of lasting changes and lessons we may carry out of all of this. What kind of spending have you prioritized and what’s no longer important? Have you found new ways to make your money go further — or to save? Do you think about the value of your time any differently? What’s been most challenging or unexpected?

We may reach out to you individually to chat some more about these questions, so please let us know if you’d be willing to share additional details with us.

We will not publish any part of your submission without contacting you first.

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