Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, 53, branded the Instagram user a “snivelling little twerp” after he discovered the latter had taken pictures of him and posted them on social media. The Instagram user shared two pictures of the host with the caption: “Drinks with Improv troupe, hot discussion on Theatre of the Absurd with Miranda. ENTER- my long-time screen nemesis. I froze. This was my moment. I had to act quick. Overwhelmed with boycotting options: rally the social justice Snapchat gang? “Make a human chain around the bar? But then, catching his glance, I shuddered.

Next time, Twerpy, at least have the guts to say it to my face.”

Piers Morgan

“It struck me that what had appeared as a pink, scrambling hate-orb was but a grey, exhausted, self-consumed man.

“He’s tunnel-visioned, attention seeking and fame hungry. Thank god I’m not like that.”

Piers hit back at the Instagram user’s post in view of his 6.5 million followers.

He wrote: “Love these snivelling little twerps who sneak pix of me then post them on social media the next day with their Billy Big Balls diatribes.

“Next time, Twerpy, at least have the guts to say it to my face.”

Many of Piers’ Twitter fans flocked to his page to comment.

One user wrote: “Attention seeming and fame hungry. Thank god I’m not like that. Said the person tweeting for exactly that.”

A second commented: “Disagree with a lot Piers has to say but would still offer to buy him a beer and have a open conversation! You never know, you might actually be able to have a discussion.”

A third penned: “This cracked me up.”

Earlier this week, Piers was at logger heads with Strictly Come Dancing star Dr Ranj Singh, 39.

During an episode of Good Morning Britain Piers joked about being “trans-slender” after being “fat shammed”.

The This Morning doctor hit out at Piers’ “gender-related jokes” on Twitter, prompting the former newspaper editor to respond.

After the show, Dr Ranj asked Piers to stop making “gender-related jokes” as it “harms vulnerable people”.

In view of his 91,000 followers, he wrote: “I am getting a little tired of @piersmorgan making gender-related jokes on TV for entertainment.

“Piers, this stuff may seem funny, but it actively harms vulnerable people. As a medical professional, I implore you: PLEASE don’t do it.”

Piers replied: “Hi Ranj, I am getting a little tired of humourless ‘woke’ berks like you telling me what gender-related jokes I can & can’t make on TV for entertainment…

“I implore you: PLEASE don’t do it.”

Dr Ranj replied: “Nothing not do with being ‘woke’ or anything of the sort, Piers.

“I’m asking you as a medical professional & colleague to please be more considerate in what you consider a joke.

“I see the real results that such banter actually has.”

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