When we last checked in on Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, the federal judge had accepted their plea agreement with prosecutors and sentenced them to the deal they had also worked out with the feds: a two month federal detention for her, and five months for Mossimo. They immediately asked for staggered sentences so one of them can be home to “parent” their legally adult daughters, who are apparently still living at home. Lori apparently got to ask the feds for her own choice of federal prisons, and no joke, she chose the lowest security prison with yoga classes, music lessons and origami classes.

The his-and-hers California federal prisons where a judge has agreed to send Lori Loughlin and her husband to serve their upcoming sentences in the college admissions scandal are hardly Alcatraz. Both are low-security slammers within two hours of their $9.5 million mansion in a gated community west of Los Angeles.

If approved by the federal Bureau of Prisons, Loughlin’s new gated community will be the “Satellite Camp” of the Federal Correctional Institution in Victorville. The camp offers yoga, pilates and origami, as well as music lessons, including classes in saxophone, accordion, or ukulele, according to the facilities’ inmate handbook. Cartoon drawing, crochet, leather craft and ceramics are also on offer.

During her stay, the “Full House” star could also learn skills for a new career if her acting career is never revived — including how to drive a forklift, repair bicycles or be a dental assistant, the handbook advises.

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That was Lori’s request and it was granted by the federal judge. It’s some kind of white privilege to demand to be sent to the prison of your choosing after committing a bunch of white collar crimes. Mossimo will be going to Lompoc – while it’s not some hardcore penitentiary, it will be a lot harsher for him than Lori’s, which sounds more like an inexpensive spa.

Amazingly, LeBron James had some thoughts about Lori Loughlin. I love it when he chimes in on pop culture headlines.


Of her what!!??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. I’m laughing cause sometimes you have to just to stop from crying! 🤦🏾‍♂️. Don’t make no damn sense to me. We just want the same treatment if committed of same crime that’s all. Is that asking for to much??? Let me guess, it is huh. Yeah I know!! We’ll just keep pushing forward and not expecting the handouts! STRONG, BLACK & POWERFUL! 🙏🏾✊🏾👑

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