We all know you can’t trust a single word that comes out of Jenelle Evans’ mouth.

Which is why we were prepared for a good laugh when Jenelle announced that she would be posting a 6-part documentary about her life on YouTube.

As expected, the lies and misleading arguments began in the opening minutes and continued throughout.

We’ve discussed Jenelle’s “I Have Something to Say” series many times over the course of its embarrassing run, but since she brought it up again this week, we figured we would too.

It seems Ms. Evans has struck a deal with some streaming service and she’s acting like they’ve paid her big bucks for the rights to her doc.

We know this isn’t true for a couple of reasons.

For starters, all six episodes are still available on YouTube.

On top of that, no one has ever heard of Vyre, and we highly doubt they paid Evans more than a few grand for the rights to her documentary.

Still, Evans is on Twitter boasting that “you can now stream my #Docuseries on almost any device! Watch now on @watchvyre straight from your TV!”

She’s also trying to create the impression that she and her husband and kids are living in a state of non-stop domestic bliss these days.

“I’m focusing on family and never been happier,” she tweeted this week, along with a Christmas tree emoji.

Of course, this was the point that Jenelle was trying to make with her “docuseries.”

The early episodes focused on the David dog shooting incident and the ensuing CPS investigation.

Jenelle claimed her kids were taken away for no reason and that CPS is wildly corrupt — but she forgot to make a single convincing argument the entire time.

She concluded on a “happy ending” insisting that everything is suddenly fine in her marriage.

“Today is great. I feel a lot better,” Evans said in the final episode of the vlog.

But hilariously, that claim came on the heels of Jenelle admitting what we all already knew — that David is seething rage monster who can’t be controlled.

“I know a lot of you followed me separating from David and wondering why I did that and again it was because of David’s anger issues,” she said.

Evans admitted that even after Eason went to anger management classes, the two of them “just couldn’t get along, couldn’t see eye to eye”

“I thought maybe it was best if I just moved away from everything that happened because I had so many bad memories that I just wanted to get away,” she said of her brief move to Tennessee.

“And now I feel so much better being at home, starting fresh, and me and David are closer than ever,” Jenelle added.

“We get along so much better now I feel like than we ever have before.”

David sadly acknowledged that Jenelle fled the state and banged some dude named Herb, but he believes it was all for the best.

“We’re more aware of the things people might try to do to us,” he explained in the final episode.

“I know Jenelle and I split up for a couple of months, but she just had to go party and get it out of her system. She realized life is not greener on the other side.”

He went to claim that after sowing some oats and banging some Herbs, Evans decided that life is “more fun at home” where she can “go fishing and stuff.”

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“I mean as a whole, I think the family really gets along better since all that happened,” Eason claimed.

“I mean it was kind of traumatic to everyone. The kids were gone for a while. So when the kids came home, they were so, so happy to be here.”

Well, hopefully David can continue to cling to that delusion — because that almost certainly wasn’t the last time that he and Jenelle will go their separate ways.

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