Cara Delevingne held up her hand and confessed that she and Phoebe Waller-Bridge did the damage after a wild night out together.

Vogue model Cara, 27, explained that she and Phoebe, 34, resulted to urinating on the grass outside of a branch of the fast food chain.

She described the ordeal as "hysterical".

Speaking about how the evening developed, she told Cosmopolitan: "I think me and Phoebe peed on the lawn outside of a drive-thru McDonald's.

"It was hysterical – we needed to pee so badly but we were on a party bus and we were like, 'let's get out at McDonald's'.

"They wouldn't let us use the toilets so we just peed outside on the lawn outside it."

Cara unveiled more details of the night out, adding: "She's one of my really close friends. She's a babe.

"I was with her last week – I had a reunion with a lot of my English girlfriends and she came long and she was the person there that no one knew, because she's my newest friend."

Their close friendship comes after Phoebe Waller-Bridge won an amazing three awards for Comedy Actress, Comedy Series Writing and Comedy series for Fleabag.

In celebration, she shared a snap of herself lounging in a chair outside the legendary Chateau Marmont hotel, cocktail in one hand, cigarette in the other, being shared on  Twitter .

The photo, taken by Josh Cole, the Head of Comedy at  BBC,  has accumulated thousands of likes and retweets on the site.

In the snap, Waller-Bridge is blowing smoke into the night air as she relaxes in her sparkling blush-coloured Emmys gown, her many golden awards clustered around her.

Cole captioned the photo, writing: "All hail the queen".

Instantly iconic, the photo was quickly branded a big "mood" by fellow Twitter users.

One person said it was "the hugest of moods."

Another proclaimed it was the "picture of the year!"

"Please let us know when and where we can buy this in poster form, Jesus Christ," replied someone else.

A fourth user added: "This captures the perfect mixture of class and f*** you. Amazing image."

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