A TIKTOK influencer claims she's found the perfect packing hack for getting extra luggage on a Ryanair flight.

Kristen Black shared a video on Tiktok showing how she managed to sneak extra clothes and souvenirs onto the budget airline.

She first laid a big jumper down on the floor and placed a few items of clothing on top of it.

Then she rolled the jumper into a tube shape, with the extra clothes tucked y inside.

She then used the sleeves to tie the jumper around her neck, pretending it was a 'neck pillow'.

Her final piece of advice was to balance a souvenir she had just bought in the airport on her head, and then put a hat on top to keep it in place.

The video has been watched more than 9m times, and has been hugely popular with people keen to get their hands on a travel hack.

One person commented: "This is genius."

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Another wrote: "As a former employee of them please do it, they overcharge for luggage so you do you."

Although not everyone was convinced by the practicality of the tip, including us here at Sun Online Travel – the Ryanair cabin crew are a sharp bunch, who are used t passengers trying to game the hand luggage system.

We're pretty sure they'd notice if someone was wearing a weekend's worth of clothes around their neck.

TikTok users were mainly concerned about losing their belongings.

One person wrote: "All fun and games until you leave a trail of your scants across the terminal," and another added: "I'll forget I have the souvenirs in the hat and will lose them…"

Another Tiktok user recently shared a tip on how she always takes an extra bag on flights for free.

One woman also claimed she had a way to get extra hand luggage on a flight, at no extra cost.

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