AIRLINES could soon be banned from charging passengers for hidden extras such as seats and luggage at the last minute.

Budget carriers are known for their cheap fares – which can quickly soar in price when passengers get to the checkout.

This includes checking in luggage, reserving seats and even printing out boarding passes.

However, new laws set to be introduced will tackle this form of "drip-pricing" – where airlines show cheap fares before presenting a range of other charges.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunack is expected to reveal the new laws during the King's Speech on Tuesday, the Mail on Sunday revealed.

While airlines will still be able to charge for these extras, the new laws will stop the fees from being added at the last minute, which could mean more transparent pricing at the beginning.

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A source added: "The fees themselves wouldn't be banned, but they couldn't be 'dripped' in as you purchase your journey – to avoid people ending up paying more than they had intended."

Another insider said the new laws would keep "cash in people's pockets and restore honesty to retail pricing".

A previous study by Which? found hidden fees across the travel and entertainment industry cost Brits a whopping £1.6billion a year.

Earlier this year, a study found that budget airline Wizz Air had the most expensive hidden fees.

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Looking at extras such as luggage, fast track, reserved seats, WiFi and insurance, Wizz Air's fees came to £93.56.

A spokesperson told Sun Online Travel that the add ons are "optional" and offer flexibility for passengers.

The study found Ryanair had the highest fees in comparison to their fares, with a whopping 344 per cent increase on their base fare, with easyJet hidden fees working out to £62.84.

British Airways had the lowest hidden fees, charging just £31.99 for extras.

Back in August, an elderly couple were charged by Ryanair to print their boarding passes – working out to £110.

The pair sparked fierce debate online when they mistakenly printed their return boarding passes, not their outgoing ones – and were hit with the £55 charge each.

Ryanair has a number of other strict fees that can catch you out at the airport.

A second suitcase can cost up to £60 at the airport, or you could be charged this if your hand luggage is too big.

If you need to change your name on the boarding pass, you could be forced to pay up to £160.

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And any large items you bring to the airport will cost you another £65.

It's not just airlines with crazy hidden fees – with travellers revealing bizarre charges such as opening the hotel fridge and for ironing their clothes.

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