A CANDLE expert has shared the exact reason why you should never put one out with its own lid. 

The woman, who is a part of the family-owned candle brand Octo and Co, often uses their social media account to share tips and tricks.

In one such video, she replied to a comment that read: “I just put the cover over it”. 

Placing a Bergamot-scented candle on a wooden table, she explained: “You shouldn’t put out candles with the lid.”

The first reason she gave was because some materials used for the lid can melt easily, making it a hazard. 

She continued: “Trapping smoke under the lid can gradually alter the original fragrance,” while demonstrating her point.

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The woman then added that it can also create a vacuum seal that suctions the lid, which results in it getting stuck. 

TikTok user @octoandco ended the video by explaining that you should use a wick dipper in order to “preserve your candle”. 

In the caption, she said: “Here is why using the lid is not a great idea”. 

People were quick to comment as one person said: “Two decades of putting it out with the lid. Not changing”. 

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Another argued: “I always just put the lid on and I’ve never had a problem”.

While a third said: “I’ve never heard of a wick dipper in my life, just blow out the damn candle”.

Others found the information helpful as one person shared: “noted, I love my candle but when I blow it out the smell of smoke overwhelms it, I can't have strong sented candles due to sensitivity to smells”. 

Another said: “True the trapped smoke will alter the fragrance and turn the wax and jar black or brown.”

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