Contemporary Swiss watchmaker Swatch has just unveiled its latest collection, a multi-piece collaboration with The Simpsons, kicking off with a watch named the “SECONDS OF SWEETNESS.” This special edition watch captures the essence of the show’s humor with a design that’s a nod to Homer Simpson‘s dearly beloved pink-frosted donut.

The playful accessory features a donut-shaped dial complete with colorful sprinkles, mimicking the look of a donut with a “comically oversized bite taken out.” The watch is set against a vibrant yellow backdrop reminiscent of the classic Simpson’s skin tone and is adorned with the animated series’ logo on the loop.

Additionally, Swatch has incorporated its SwatchPAY! technology into the design for selected markets, allowing wearers to indulge in their sweet tooth or any other purchases with a simple “flick of the wrist.”

Notably, the release of “SECONDS OF SWEETNESS” runs in parallel with the premiere of The Simpsons’ 35th season, marking a milestone for the long-running series — with the watch acting as a collectible or functional piece of fan memorabilia.

The watch is available now via Swatch’s official site for a retail price of $110 USD and as a reminder, is only an appetizer for a larger collection said to be coming soon.

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