A THRILLING attraction in the UK has been described as both "incredible" and "bucket list stuff" by those who have been brave enough to give it a go.

For anyone who might be afraid of heights or the dark or both, the idea of being lowered from almost 400ft up through a waterfall into a cave might seem like a daunting prospect.

However, others have been blown away by their trip down Gaping Gill in Yorkshire, where twice every year, visitors can be lowered into the cavern on a winch.

Thanks to two caving clubs, the Bradford Pothole Club and Craven Pothole Club, people can sit on a small seat that then carefully delivers them to the bottom of the chamber in a matter of minutes.

One person who did just that was Tiktok travel account The Reluctant Explorers (@thereluctantexplorers), who filmed themselves being dropped down into the cave.

At the start of their video, they asked: "Would you brave being lowered into the depths of the underworld?!"

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They then explained that they were "winched 110m down the UK's tallest single drop waterfall."

That waterfall is Fell Beck, a local stream that runs through the Dales before plunging into the darkness of Gaping Gill.

In the comments, the Reluctant Explorers described their experience as "absolute bucket list stuff" with other people agreeing.

One wrote: "Did it this summer – amazing, loved it."

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Another said: "The winch down is truly amazing. it's like being in some kind of movie set when you are on it."

A third added: "Brilliant experience, best thing I’ve done in a long time."

Once down into the chamber, visitors are guided around the extensive system of caves "under the beauty of floodlights, to see the magnificent sights" according to the Yorkshire Dales website.

The cavern measures 475ft long, 82ft wide and 115ft high inside, and is "large enough to contain a cathedral" Times of India claims.

They also state that the waterfall is 360ft tall, twice the height of Niagara Falls.

For most of the year, the cavern is just a big hole in the ground, that can be seen from above.

However, for one week in May and one week in August the pothole clubs set up their winches and lower people down into the cave for £15 or £20 per person.

Booking in advance is not required, but those interested in doing it are recommended to arrive early to avoid disappointment.

The next time people can visit will be between May 25 and 31, 2024, with the Bradford Pothole Club.

One person who used their winch to see the cave wrote on TripAdvisor: "An incredible experience never to be forgotten.

"The cave is fantastic but the two minute ride up and down is a trip of a lifetime."

The maximum weight on the winch is 20 stone (125kg), meaning most people are able to visit.

Children under the age of six must be accompanied by an adult.

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