A MAN divided opinion after he refused to move seats for a tall passenger, despite being asked by flight crew.

The passenger was on a flight from Greece when he was asked by a male traveller to move.

They explained: "I'm not a particularly tall person, I stand at around 5'9 but still find it uncomfortable sitting on planes due to the quite often extremely restricted legroom.

"For this reason I always decide to pay extra to ensure I get the exit row seat and the extra legroom.

"Once I got comfortable and had shut my eyes with my earphones in I am tapped on the shoulder by a man I would say to be around 6'2.

"He asked if I would switch seats with him as I don't need the extra legroom as much as him.

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"I explained that I paid extra for this seat and therefore am not willing to move.

"He scoffs at me and goes to get a flight attendant."

He explained that the flight attendant then asked him to move, and would refund the cost of the legroom seat he paid for.

However, he said no again, adding: "If he wanted the extra room so badly he should have paid in the first place, plus he is at max only 4 inches taller than me."

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They finished by saying: "He kicks off and calls me an entitled a*******, which I thought was rather ironic, but anyway…was I the a******* in this situation?"

Some people said there was nothing wrong with what the flight attendant did.

One person wrote: "I don’t think the attendant did anything wrong. She offered a refund and was trying to mediate a dispute, which is kinda her job."

Another said: "If it was me I’d offer to pay what you paid and then something on top to make it worth your while."

However, most people were on his side, with lots of tall people calling the rude passenger out.

One person said: "I'm 6'10 and have experienced not fitting in normal flight seats. The solution is to not fly unless you get a seat with extra legroom, not demanding others move around for you."

Another agreed: "6’3” here and I’ve been flying all day today. No matter how cramped it is I would never expect somebody to give up their assigned seat for me."

Others said they didn't care what height he was: "Bold of him to call you entitled. I’m only 5’3” but if I get an exit row seat, I’m not moving either."

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Last year, a man divided opinion after he refused to move from his extra legroom seat so a family could sit next to each other.

Here is why you should never swap seats during a flight.

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