A TRAVEL expert has shared his top tips for getting through airports quickly amid the holiday chaos currently affecting British flights.

With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend fast approaching, passengers trying to jet out of the UK have endured huge queues and cancelled flights.

Nicky Kelvin, head of The Points Guy, has revealed his top tips for a stress-free airport experience.

First, the travel expert suggested: “It’s important to regularly check the airport arrival and departure boards online, as well as the airline’s website, as that is where you’ll find all of the most up-to-date information.”

Next, it may be worth rethinking how you plan to get to the airport itself, with the RAC predicting that there will be 19.5 million leisure trips taken by road between Wednesday and Saturday.


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He said: “When travelling to the airport, we would strongly advise taking public transport rather than driving, to avoid these endless queues and delays.”

Finally, Kelvin advised being smart when you get to the airport – with many passengers stuck for hours at check-in and in security queues.

He explained: “We recommend seeking out options for priority security lanes at airports which can be accessed for as little as £5 per person in some airports. Some airports have closed these lanes, so check with the airport before you pay.

“Airline status and flying in premium cabins may also give you access to these lanes and help passengers avoid queues and use lounges as a place to relax in the midst of delays. 

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“KLM was selling upgrades on flights from Amsterdam to London Heathrow yesterday for as little as £50 which allowed passengers to skip almost six-hour long queues for security and enjoy unlimited food and drink in the lounge.

" It is worth exploring these options and the associated cost before travel”.

Previously, Sun Online Travel revealed that choosing the left lane could get you through quicker than if you turn right at security.

Considering the majority of people are right-handed, the lines on the right will be busier than those on the left.

Some airports have an extra security line for spill-over passengers located off to the side of the main queues – and it rarely gets busy.

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