BRITS returning from a holiday abroad could take advantage of a travel loophole which means they can skip the expensive PCR tests, it has been claimed.

Currently, all Brits arriving in the UK must have two Covid tests – one pre-arrival and one on day two.

However, according to PC Agency's Paul Charles, the government website does not state that this must be a PCR test.

Lateral flow tests, which are cheaper, could be used instead, with some of the tests including a registration number which is needed to pass through the border at the airport.

This means arrivals could still be able to pass through the airport without having to shell out hundreds for the PCR tests.

Mr Charles said: "People can legally avoid a PCR and still be meeting the Government's requirements laid out on their website."

According to the Telegraph, a flaw in the system means that the Passenger Locator Forms cannot distinguish between the type of test and the test number, meaning invalid lateral flow tests could even be used.

A leading test provider told the Telegraph: "At the end of the day, the whole system is based on trust."

Brits are currently having to pay by far the highest prices of people in any major European country for swabs.

Analysis of the Government-approved list of providers shows the average charge for two PCR tests is an eye-watering £171.

Meanwhile one kit costs £100, meaning that even travelling to a green country results in a £400 extra cost for a family of four.

In comparison, the average price of getting a swab in most major EU countries is around £40 or less, while France and Belgium offer them for free.

Officials at the Department of Health are to "rapidly" carry out a full audit of the 420 providers on the UK Government site.


More than 50 providers are to be removed after found to be advertising misleading prices, with a further 82 warned they face being thrown off too.

A source told The Times: "Sajid Javid wants to crack down on private test providers who are ripping people off or providing low-quality products."

We've revealed how to find the cheapest PCR tests for your holiday.

Brits are also expected to have more holiday destinations opened to them this week in the next travel review, expected tomorrow.

Experts have predicted that Turkey could be taken of the red list and put on the amber list – opening it up for vaccinated Brits.

More destinations could also be added to the green list, while hotspots such as Spain, France and Greece are expected to remain on the amber list.

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