Identical twin sisters Aline and Alena are both tattoo artists known as the “Petunia Twins.” By their own estimation, they have been giving each other a new tattoo around once a month for the last seven years, and they are now covered in body art. In a new episode of the Transformed webseries from Truly, Aline decides to cover up her full-body tattoos with makeup in order to see what kind of response it will get from her husband, Salvatore.

“I have never seen Aline without a tattoo at all,” says Salvatore. “I think she will look completely different, because the skin is such an important part of how we see people.”

First, Alena helps Aline apply a base layer of makeup to mask the ink, and then a second layer which is matched to her skin tone. “I’m really nervous to get covered, because my tattoos are a part of my life,” she says. “They tell a story, and because we’re artists, we live our passion, we live our art.”

While Salvatore and close friend Lillie were expecting a big change, neither of them is prepared for just how much of a transformation Aline has gone through in a matter of hours. “It’s shockingly different,” says Salvatore, while Lillie jokes that the previously inked-up Aline now resembles a “California girl.”

While she appreciates the experiment, Aline states she’s ready to go back. “It’s a cool experience, to see my body like this, to have no tattoos,” she says, adding that she already misses the way she usually looks. “Tattoos are more than just color, I think it’s a part of you.”

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