Meet Melyon, the New Skin-Care Brand Redefining Beauty Standards

Last year was pivotal for many reasons, one them being the catalytic change when it came to inclusivity. In the beauty industry especially, it became more than just a buzzword, with brands expanding their product offerings or introducing new ranges to ensure that every person felt represented regardless of their age, race, background, or beauty needs. Brands also acknowledged that there is more to be done. As a result of this shift in the industry, a number of fresh, new, and exciting beauty brands launched. Front and center of this change — redefining what a beauty brand should embody in 2021 — is model and entrepreneur Roger Dupé with his new skin-care line from Stockholm, Melyon.

Melyon was born out of Dupé’s concern at the lack of diversity and inclusion he was exposed to during his time as a model. Dupé’s mother taught him that “beauty is a form of self-love and self-care”, so he knew he wanted other people of color to embody a similar ethos when it came to their personal skin-care routines. “My focus was on developing a brand that is diverse. I wanted to develop an inclusive line of products with common skin-care concerns in mind,” Dupé said at the Melyon virtual launch event.

The word Melyon is a combination of the word “melanin” (the pigment that gives human skin its color) and “enyonam,” a Togolese/Ghanaian expression which means “good for you.” The brand’s approach is less is more, which is why it launched with just four products: a cleanser, serum, day cream, and night cream — all of which are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and paraben-free.

Each of the products has a base of baobab oil, an ingredient that is important to Melyon and inspired both the product formulations and the packaging. “The baobab tree, known for storing water and restoring life, as a metaphor and its oil made sense,” states the Melyon website. “Melyon translated this to a bottle that stands out as this huge tree being visible from far away and being a reference point for walking people in Africa, Australia, or Middle-East.” Baobab oil also has excellent skin-care benefits, including calming irritation, combating fine lines and wrinkles, and helping reduce dryness.

My favorite products out of the four are the Milk Cleanser and Day Cream. The cleanser contains salicylic acid, which is a great exfoliator and helps treat stubborn pigment left behind after healing spots, and ginger root, which also helps to improve uneven skin tone. It has a superlight, milky texture that lathers a small amount when massaged onto your skin, leaving skin feeling clean but hydrated.

The Day Cream is packed full of antioxidants to help protect against pollutants, which can cause things like dehydration and inflammation. It also contains niacinamide, a powerful ingredient that can also help with things like inflammation, decrease redness in skin, hydrate, minimize the appearance of pores, and decrease oil production. The formula is lightweight, absorbs quickly and is ultrahydrating.

Melyon ships worldwide; keep reading to shop all four products.

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