Eugenie Grey, a digital influencer, content strategist and photographer from Los Angeles didn’t think that owning a home by herself, in LA was ever possible, but due to her hard work, dedication and a little help from her mom, she was able to accomplish her goals. “While I bought the house myself, my mom was actually my realtor so we had a really fun experience,” says Grey. “It was an amazing help having my mom be my realtor through this process, but truth be told she would treat all of clients like this. I’m just really lucky she’s my mom and I didn’t have to go hunt for her.”

But her mom wasn’t the only help she had during the home-buying process. As a self-proclaimed “busy, multi-hyphenated millennial that’s always on-the-go,” using a mortgage company that was helpful and reliable such as Rocket Mortgage was her top priority. Luckily, Grey didn’t have any problems buying her home, and ended up purchasing it from the original owner who left furniture, so she could live comfortably while she redecorates. As for what she plans to do, she wants to remove the carpet, put down hardwood floors and make the ceilings higher, which she’s looking forward to doing in a space she can finally call her own.

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