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Kristen Bell is finally addressing the reason why she and husband Dax Shepard only bathe their daughters when they smell.

“It’s not so much of a joke that I wait for the stink. That tells you when they need to bathe,” the “Frozen star, 41, said of Lincoln, 8, and Delta, 6, during an interview with “Daily Blast Live” Monday.

Bell claimed she and Shepard, 46, also want to do their part in protecting the environment by only using water when absolutely necessary.

“This is the other thing is California has been in a drought forever,” the “Good Place” alum said. “It’s just, like, responsibility for your environment. We don’t have a ton of water, so when I shower, I’ll grab the girls and push them in there with me so we all use the same shower water.”

She added, “I don’t know. It just happens whenever it happens, I guess.”

Shepard then chimed in, saying that as their kids got older, there was less of a need to wash them as often as they had in the past.

“We did bathe them religiously for the first few years when the bedtime routine was so vital,” he said. “Once that wasn’t required to get them to go to sleep, yeah, we took our foot off the gas.”

The “Armchair Expert” podcast host also clarified that his wife is much more consistent with taking care of her own hygiene than he is.

“I’ll just say, for America, Kristen has better hygiene than me, so I think in general, because Kristen wears makeup more often than I do, she has to take it off,” he said. “I’m not in that stuff that often, so I only have to [shower] when either a smell is present or I’m in that stuff.”

He went on to admit that his bathing habits “could be better.”

Bell and Shepard, who married in 2013, made waves last week when they revealed that they wait for the “stink” before throwing their kids in the tub.

“Once you catch a whiff, that’s biology’s way of letting you know you need to clean it up,” Bell said on “The View” at the time.

She opened up about her kids’ cleaning habits after fellow Hollywood couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis revealed on Shepard’s podcast that they only bathe their kids when they’re visibly dirty.

“If you can see the dirt on them, clean them. Otherwise, there’s no point,” Kutcher, 43, said.

Kunis, 37, and Kutcher, who tied the knot in 2015, share daughter Wyatt, 6, and son Dimitri, 4.

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