Martin Lewis explains how to reduce your energy bills

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With household bills steadily increasing year on year, it is worth finding ways to save money. To reduce your electricity bill, it is a good idea to switch everything off at the wall, said a building and construction expert. This could save households up to £120 a year.

If you leave a device plugged in to the wall and switched on, even if it’s not in use, it will still use up electricity.

It is therefore worth going around your home to switch everything off in the wall.

Thomas Goodman, a building and construction expert from My Job Quote has found how much leaving appliances on standby could increase a household’s energy bills by.

The appliances are often commonly used by families, but when not in use, they should be switched off to save on both energy and money.

Televisions are the most expensive appliances, adding £30 per year per set to an energy bill if left on standby all the time.

More than 98 percent of UK households admit to leaving their TV on standby, which means switching the device off with the remote control, but not on the wall.

As for TV boxes and recorders, a huge 86 percent of households admit to always leaving these devices on, costing them around £26 per year.

Helping the environment and your pocket, lights are another appliance that can easily be switched off when you leave the room.

If you leave just one light on all night, it will cost £23 per year.

Additionally, My Job Quote recommended using dimmer switches and replacing your lighting with energy-efficient bulbs.

Games consoles are other devices that can cost the bill payer around £22 each if left on all the time.

Speakers, although not as expensive, can cost £6 a year if left on standby.

Meanwhile, printers and microwaves can cost £5 each if not switched off properly.

According to My Job Quote, an average printer left on standby mode can cost almost three times more than a printer in off mode.

The last appliances that can be added to a household’s energy bill even if not in use are phone chargers.

Although it is not clear how much each one of these devices can cost the bill payer, a typical iPhone will cost just over £3 per year to charge.

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Devices only take two to four hours to fully charge, and so anything more than this is an unnecessary waste of energy and money.

In today’s climate, it is worth doing even the smallest things to save on energy bills.

The energy price cap increased this month, resulting in a rise in energy bills for around 15 million UK households.

Bills rose to an average of £1,277 a year, meaning an increase of £139.

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