Michael Strahan left fans holding their breath when he jetted into space on an adventure of a lifetime for Blue Origin. 

The TV host has been eagerly awaiting this moment after it was delayed just a few days ago.

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But on 11 December he did something he thought he could only dream of and skyrocketed to the edge of space with Jeff Bezos’ spaceflight company. 

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On board were a mixture of celebrity guests and paying space enthusiasts and viewers at home and at the launch excitedly watched on. 

It marked the third Blue Origin flight, and the first time the company filled all six seats on its New Shepard rocket and capsule.

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Michael was joined by the daughter of Alan Shepard, Laura Shepard Churchley, and they were all spotted looking happy but nervous ahead of the flight. 


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Michael and the GMA team were so excited for his adventure

They were seen via live stream on CNN boarding the rocket approximately 30 minutes ahead of the planned launch. William Shatner – who went to space on the last Blue Origin launch – shared a message for the crew ahead of the flight and joked that they had already managed the hardest part – walking up the plentiful steps to the rocket. 

The rocket then took off successfully at a little past 10am ET near the rural town of Van Horn, Texas.

Michael and the crew could be heard saying how incredible it was.

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The shortlived flight – the duration is just 11 minutes – had been delayed due to unfavorable wind conditions and he appeared on GMA at the time to voice his upset.


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 Michael’s family was there to support him 

“Waiting is the hardest part, and our wait just got a little bit longer,” he said, explaining how they were notified of the delay midway through their last day of training.

“At first we were disappointed by it, of course. We just felt days ago that we were ready to go and let this happen.”

But he added: “We’re just as excited to go on Saturday, safety is of the utmost concern here.”

The flight was suborbital meaning it would not make it to orbit. But it would go more than 62 miles above earth.

They all landed back down to earth safely. 

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