Charlotte Church reveals the impact of politics on her music

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The Welsh singer rose to fame as a childhood classical singer before branching into pop music in 2005. It was not long before she had sold more than ten million records worldwide, including over five million in the US. The success brought her great wealth: in 2010, she was estimated to be worth as much as £11millon.

Charlotte began broadening her horizons, making a foray into television and hosting her Channel 4 chat show, ‘The Charlotte Church Show’.

Tonight, she retakes her place in front of the camera as she looks to win £50,000 for a charity in the hit game show, Catchphrase, joining fellow celebrities Melvin Odoom and Katherine Ryan.

While her career has attracted little controversy, in 2011, she hit front pages after making a string of comments about the Royal Family.

It came during an interview with Esquire magazine, in which she recalled meeting the Queen on several occasions, only for the monarch to never recognise her at their next encounter.

She said: “I’ve met her about seven times and she never remembers me.

“When you get close to her you realise she’s an old woman and has no idea what’s going on.

“I feel really sorry for her.

“She probably doesn’t want to be wheeled out at every Royal Variety Performance to watch scantily clad dancers and s***** comedians.”

What ensued was a public furore, with politicians even stepping in.

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Cardiff North Conservative MP Jonathan Evans called it a publicity stunt designed to “revive [Charlotte’s] career”.

The singer quickly issued an apology, and claimed it was “difficult to remember even making [the remarks]”.

She added: “I am deeply sorry if my comments about Her Majesty the Queen caused offence.

“I am honoured to have met her and have an enormous amount of respect for her and what she does.”

“After seeing those words in print, I realised how foolish I was to make such flippant remarks to a journalist.”

The debacle has not stopped Charlotte from continuing in her role as a singer and public figure.


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Earlier this year, she became something of an eco-warrior for her documentary series, ‘Rivercide’.

Appearing on This Morning to talk about the issue, she revealed the extent to which the UK’s rivers have been polluted.

She told Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield: “It’s a really bad problem and really shocking; most people see their water source as something really quite precious.

“All part of the same system, we drink this water, our children drink this water, we wash in this water, but it’s a really shocking state of affairs.

“Every river in the country is polluted, the majority of the pollution is coming from farms ‒ chicken and pig ‒ and it’s all being illegally dumped into rivers.

“But even worse, there’s a lot of human waste going completely untreated straight into our rivers.

“A lot of the water companies are not doing what they should be doing, not doing what they’re tasked with doing, what they’re, by law, have to do and they are putting more sewage into our rivers.

“It’s really crazy, they’re [rivers] such a huge part of our aesthetic in the UK.

“So many people are enjoying our rivers and they’re essential for a healthy ecosystem so the idea that people are releasing human poo into our rivers is just like ‘what? come again!’

“But you think in this day and age, will all the environmental protections, surely this can’t be happening, but it is.”

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