That’s a wrap! Primark brings back money-saving Christmas wrapping paper bags – and shoppers are calling them a ‘win-win’

  • The festive bags are currently being rolled out in stores across the UK
  • Shopper showed how they can be repurposed as wrapping paper and gift tags
  • Her tip racked up more than 5,800 ‘likes’ on Facebook in just two days 

Primark shoppers are going wild for the brand’s Christmas shopping bags that double up as wrapping paper.

Earlier this week, a thrilled shopper posted on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK to alert the 2.1m members to the festive offering. 

The red-and-white stripe paper bags are currently being rolled out in stores across the UK following their success last year.

Above the festive pattern, a notice to shoppers reads: ‘This bag makes great wrapping paper.’

Sharing photos of how well it worked on her presents, the woman wrote: ‘Primark brought out bags again this year.’ 

Wrap star! The Primark shopper user posted this picture on Facebook of what her shopping bag looked like when she got it home

Christmas ready! The woman was impressed with how well the paper bags worked as wrapping paper and gift tags

‘Free wrapping paper and gift tags made out of Primark bags!’

The woman then posted a picture of what the bag looked like when she returned home, and another image of her perfectly-wrapped gifts.

The post has racked up over 5,800 ‘likes’ since it was shared two days ago, and other shoppers were grateful for the tip.

One wrote: ‘What a brilliant idea! Two uses out of one item and can be recycled after that’s a win win.’

The festive bags are currently being rolled out in stores across the UK

Another added: ‘A good excuse to go shopping!’ 

‘Blooming tremendous. I’m doing all my Christmas shopping in Primark,’ a third said. ‘Well done Primark!’

However, others pointed out that the paper bags don’t always fare well on the way home from the shops in the winter months.

‘It’s impossible! My bags never get home in one piece,’ a fourth replied.

 ‘All fine and dandy if you ain’t got this fantastic great British weather and your bag makes it back to the car in one piece,’ a fifth said.  

Offering a solution, a sixth said: ‘If you’re worried your stuff is heavy always ask for two bags or ask it to be double bagged! I used to work at Primark and I would always double bag when someone had a lot of stuff.’

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