New research shows that as many as 2.6million UK adults are too “scared” to learn to drive.

The data, compiled by Go Car Credit, involved a survey of those yet to get their L plates as well as licence holders.

Among those non-drivers who were asked around 3% said that they were “too lazy” to learn to drive.

While the main reason people said they couldn’t drive was “not needing to at present.”

A sizeable 33% claimed that trains, buses and walking worked perfectly well for them.

Other key reasons include “the expense of lessons” (31%), being unable to afford “the associated costs that come with driving”, such as buying a car, fuel and maintenance (25%).

Meanwhile around a fifth (21%) of non-drivers said that they are simply scared of driving.

While some said that they had “just never got round to it.”

But, when asked, drivers licence holders had some advice for those wanting to take their test.

Their main suggestion was to never ask your parents to give you lessons.

One in four (25%) said that their dad was the worst driving instructor they had ever had, with one in five (22%) voting their mum as the worst instructor out there.

Similarly, one in ten (11%) believed that asking a friend for driving lessons is an error, due to their inability to remain calm when in the car.

Hayley O’Connor, Marketing Manager at Go Car Credit commented on the findings, and said: “It is completely natural to feel anxiety when learning to drive, but it’s important we don’t let these fears and worries block us from gaining an extremely valuable life skill."

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She continued: “Driving can open up a whole host of opportunities in our day to day lives, whether for work or in our leisure time.

“Anyone with a bad financial history can find barriers to their driving experience but should know that there are providers out there that can cater to their needs.

“We wish all of those who have set themselves the goal of passing their driving test in 2021 the best of luck.

“Whether that is starting lessons, or those hoping to pass their test as soon as possible.”

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