Is this MasterChef: The Professionals’ most disastrous contestant ever? Bungling cook – who hadn’t done any prep – drops food, bakes asparagus into meringue and serves RAW goat meat to VERY unimpressed judges

  • Chef Nic told Marcus Wareing he was using the show’s kitchen to develop his ‘eggs three ways’ – featuring a whisky-soaked yolk – dessert for the first time
  • Confident cook began to unravel – dropping a faggot on the floor, and a spear of asparagus into his Italian meringue – before serving up raw meat and veg 
  • He managed to serve up only one dessert – which Gregg hated – between all three judges after his meringue failed to set properly 
  • Looking devastated by the disastrous service, Nic told the show his experience had been ‘peppered with disappointment’ 

A MasterChef: The Professionals contestant, who confidently told judge Marcus Wareing that he was using the show to ‘develop’ a dessert he’d never made before, ended up with egg on his face – and a quick exit from the competition.  

Vying for a place in the quarter finals in last night’s episode, chef Nic admitted to the one-Michelin starred British chef that he was using the reality show as a test kitchen, honing an ‘egg three ways’ dessert he’d never tried making before. 

The risky admission unfortunately didn’t pay off for talented Nic, and viewers watched as his service crashed and burned in spectacular style – leaving his main dish presented with raw meat and veg, and only one of the judges actually getting a dessert. 

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Nightmare service: The latest episode of MasterChef: The Professionals saw Nic, who’d been ambitious with his menu of kid goat followed by an ‘egg three ways’ dessert, unravel under the pressure of the reality TV show’s kitchen

Marcus Wareing’s expression says it all when chef Nic admits that he’s never made the dessert he’s cooking for the judges before today

Keen to champion ‘flavoursome’ goat’s meat, Nic served the dish raw after running out of time

When Nic opened the oven to check his Italian meringue had set, which it hadn’t, there was also a spear of asparagus in it 

As the chef outlined his plans for his main dish; kid goat on the bone, served with goat faggot, a jalapeno sauce, goat sauce, asparagus and crispy shallots, he admitted that he’d come to the kitchen ill-prepared when it came to his dessert of ‘egg three ways’. 

Nic, who had a penchant for using the word ‘oui’ frequently, told Marcus and co-judge Gregg Wallace: ‘It’s a dish I was meant to be working on yesterday but I’m opening my restaurant so I never managed to. So here is my development day as well.’ 

An astounded Wareing asked: ‘You’re developing this dish right here, right now? I hope you don’t let yourself down’. 

Viewers then watched as Nic’s nightmare began.

Wiping sweat from his brow, he was forced to put his goat back in the oven after it emerged still raw.

He dropped one of his goat faggots and the asparagus was on the wrong side of al dente when it hit the plate. 

Poor Nic then pulled his Italian meringue out of the oven, and there was a spear of asparagus sitting in the middle of it. 

The meringue also didn’t set, so his egg three ways was turned into an ‘egg two ways’ – but only Gregg actually got the unique-looking dessert. 

A faggot goes flying: In the rush to get his food on the plate, Nic drops one of his goat faggots

Eggs three ways became eggs two ways  – including an egg yolk soaked in whisky – and then only Gregg Wallace got a dessert after his other two didn’t work out

Nic, who’s opening his own restaurant told the show his experience had been ‘peppered with disappointment’, after giving himself too much to do in a bid to reach the quarter finals

Gregg Wallace looked astounded when he heard that Nic’s dessert was ‘in development’ and had never actually been made before

After putting the goat meat back in the oven, it was still very pink when it reached the judge’s forks

The judge said the single egg yolk, which had been soaked in whisky and was meant to taste like a mini custard, just tasted like a raw egg yolk and was making him ‘feel uncomfortable’.   

Viewers at home felt the same way, questioning why Nic hadn’t opted for more well-practised dishes.  

@lally55p wrote: ‘Catching up with #MasterchefTheProfessionals feel sorry for Nic, interesting ideas but more practice needed.’   

@Dorset_Owl added: ‘Nic really needs to be out on his ear. How did he ever get through the heats?’

Looking devastated by the disastrous service, Nic, who’s opening his own restaurant told the show his experience had been ‘peppered with disappointment’ but that he’d ‘loved every minute’.

The next episode of MasterChef: The Professionals airs tonight at 8:30pm on BBC One 




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