A man has been left red-faced after discovering his innocent elephant tattoo looks very X-rated when he wears a pair of shorts.

A picture of the detailed and expertly-designed tattoo on the man's upper thigh has made its way onto Reddit.

And people have been left in stitches over the awkward blunder.

With his shorts leg rolled up, it is clear to see that the inking is of a regal elephant.

However, the tattoo rather resembles a man's genitalia when his shorts are pulled down.

The photo was captioned: "My colleague was super happy with his elephant tattoo until he put on a pair of shorts."

Fellow Reddit users couldn't help but poke fun over the mishap.

One quipped: "Hope it's not false advertising or someone could be very disappointed."

While another added: "The easiest solution is either longer shorts. However, my personal choice is NO shorts. Tough to decipher my ambiguous tattoo when you’re staring at my very unambiguous junk."

However, some didn't understand how the guy made such a monumental error.

"I have a hard time believing he didn't know or think it through beforehand," wrote one social media user.

However, another replied: "You have far too much faith in the average human being to think that most of us bother with things like 'foresight."

The post comes after a woman's floral tattoo hit headlines recently too after it also accidentally looked much ruder than intended.

Facebook commenters compared the feminine flowers to "buttholes" – which probably wasn't the look she was going for.

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