A man has left homeowners amazed by his handiwork when he painted a wall in just 30 seconds.

TikTok user @angela_j_official shared a video of the worker putting a fresh lick of paint in a room at lightning speed.

In the footage, the man has already painted the yellow wall with white paint on all four sides before he dips the roller into the paint and starts making zig-zag strokes on the yellow wall.

He walks across the room as he paints and when he reaches to the end, he starts filling the gap up by painting it in up and down motions.

Angela asked: "How on earth is this even possible?"

Viewers were also shocked to see the fast results and asked where to get his equipment.

One said: "It took me four days to paint a wall and he just did it in 30 seconds."

Another commented: "Wow what type of roller is that? I need to get one."

"This looks so much easier than the way we do it!" a third added.

A viewer shared her experience and added: "My hubby paints like this. It's just a soaked roller with a lot of strength so the paint doesn't stick to the roller when rolling."

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