maharishi has followed up its recent Royal Marine timepiece by launching a new Year of the Ox collection. The collection, arriving in time for the Lunar New Year, is inspired by Yokai folklore from western Japan and particularly a bovine-headed demon called the Ushi-Oni.

The depiction of the Ushi-Oni references the artwork of Sūshi Sawaki, with an ox’s head attached to a spider-like torso featuring six legs and long claws. Elsewhere, maharishi has used its perennial paper cut artwork, as well as an embroidered patch that takes its cues from the military unit that inspired the Chicago Bulls log. maharishi has also worked the Teach, Myoshka for new guest artworks, while the collection includes the first in a series of items designed with The Andy Warhol Foundation.

The full Year of the Ox collection is due to release on Friday February 5 via maharishi’s web store and New York location.

In other fashion news, Stone Island recently turned the spotlight onto its new Reflective Grid on Lamy-TC pieces.
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