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Tasha and Paige did something that many of us are guilty of – instead of communicating their feelings to Andrew and Jacques after the heart rate challenge, they became moody and hostile with them.

Eventually Paige told Jacques how she was feeling, and his response was red flaggy. He wasn’t empathetic until the following day when he’d had time to reflect. He lacks emotional intelligence in the moment.

The way Jacques talks to women is wild. He called Gemma a clown and told her to shut up. He told Paige to f**k off, to stop sulking, and called her pathetic for being insecure about the heart rate challenge. He then told her that his heart probably raced more for Gemma, his ex, because they’ve had sex before. He dismisses Paige’s feelings often and there's a hostile undertone to his reactions to her at times.

The heart rate challenge saw the girls dress up in sexy role play lingerie and perform erotic dances for the boys. The boys had to do the same, but the gender difference is so stark. The boys are comedic, while the girls are hypersexual.

I don’t believe that the heart rate results mean anything at all. I also don’t know whether I believe that the producers report the findings accurately. But as well as Tasha and Paige, it also left Indiyah and Luca feeling insecure.

I’ve quite enjoyed this series up until now, but this week has felt like a bit of a struggle to watch. It all feels a bit, well… forced. None of the conversations feel natural. The gendered debriefings in the mornings feel a bit off to me too. Not to mention I’ve found it jarring watching them engage in sleazy sex games for our/their own entertainment. Of course I knew this was all coming, it all just feels very icky.

Insecurity and rejection have been a big theme this week. Andrew is feeling very vulnerable about Tasha’s true intentions.

Jay kept saying that he wanted to get to know Antigoni but that she wouldn’t ordinarily be his type. We all want someone who's going to make us feel highly desired and that statement doesn’t really do that. Jay redeemed himself in general this week though and is no longer displaying villain tendencies.

Danica has had a really hard time of it. She’s been forward in getting to know people but has been knocked back every time. I felt like Jay was clear with her that he wasn’t interested, so it was a shock when she chose him to couple up with. She wasn’t expecting his reaction.

I think she heard what she wanted to hear when he was explaining that he preferred Antigoni. This is something that many of us have done. Someone will tell us that they aren’t looking for a relationship at the moment and all we hear is ‘at the moment.’

Paige also finally made it clear to Jay this week that she only has eyes for Jacques. Paige is a lesson to us all in how important it is to boldly communicate our feelings to avoid perfectly avoidable stress.

I had high hopes for Damiyah. I thought they were going strong after their date. I thought Luca and Jacques were solid too with their feelings for Gemma and Paige. Luca told Jacques “I’m falling” and Jacques replied: “I’ve fallen.” While Andrew had been clear about his feelings for Tasha, and Davide was reluctantly (but secretly happily) dating Ekin-Su.

All that fell apart when six new girls entered. Jacques was excited about ‘Santa’s delivery’ and expressed being open to explore on the basis that it was a test of his feelings for Paige. Dami seemed particularly keen to let the new girls know that he's open to anything, and he accused Luca of being boring for intending to stay loyal to Gemma. I didn't like this side of Dami! I'm team Indiyah and if he hurts her, I’m going to vote for him to leave the villa.

I really hope Davide and Ekin-Su get back together. After Dami and Indiyah they were my favourite couple. Davide makes me laugh constantly – he’s a great character. I watched the unseen bits on Saturday for the first-time last week and it was so interesting to see them being more natural, funny, and less staged. I hope the producers can steer more of the main coverage in that direction before I lose the will to live.

Red and Pink Flags of The Week

  • New Casa Amor boy Josh has been talking about his ‘type’. He repeatedly emphasised the importance of a big bum, a bum that you can hear clapping as it walks. Bums do not make clapping noises when they walk no matter how big they are. What is this man on? The emphasis on bums indicates that he isn’t looking for a relationship beyond the bedroom.
  • Jacques and Andrew both talked about Casa Amor acting as a test for their relationships. Setting up tests is likely to sabotage what you’ve got. You either have feelings for someone or you don’t. Tests create unnecessary conflict. Jacques said he had fallen for her earlier in the week, there's no reason to test that!


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