SOMETIMES it feels like everyone you've ever met is taking part in Dry January, and silently judging you for that mid-week pint or glass of vino.

But have you ever pretended that you're having a quiet night in, when you're really enjoying a sneaky drink with mates?

This is what one lad James did on Sunday night – when his mates helped him hatch a plan to convince his girlfriend he was at home in bed.

Clearly realising that a simple text may not be enough evidence, James decided to send a selfie to 'prove' he was in bed – despite being out on the town.

One of James' mates took a picture of the prank, writing: "Trying to prove to a girl that he's in bed" accompanied by two crying with laughter emojis.

In the shot, James' pals are holding a coat up behind his head – to create the illusion that he is in bed.

James' shared the picture on Twitter, along with his Snapchat selfie, adding: "Nailed it".

It has since been re-tweeted nearly 56,000 times – and has more than 150,000 likes.

Some thought the idea was a stroke of genius, but not everyone was impressed by James' lie.

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Some girls suggested that James' deceit was just another reason for women to not trust men, although others were quick to jump to his defence – and point out that he wasn't cheating or doing anything unsavoury.

And it turns out James isn't the only one to have pulled off a similar plan.

This lad even had a pillow on hand, in the car, to make his bedroom selfie seem legitimate.

Unfortunately, all this goes to show that things are never quite as they seem – even when you have photographic evidence.

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