A GORGEOUS model who has been dubbed the 'Russian Kim Kardashian' is being mocked online for her "sausage legs".

Anastasia Kvitko, 22, from Kaliningrad, Russia is being targeted by a selection of her 5.4 million social media followers – who say that her latest photos suggest she has put on weight.

Stunning Anastasia has gained fame for her enviable hourglass figure, but one of her more recent selfies has raised eyebrows amongst some of her eagle-eyed admirers.

The snap, which shows her wearing a strapless beige top with a pair of ripped jeans, has led some fans to comment that her jeans are too snug.

Some have cruelly suggested the bottoms are so tight that her flesh is sticking out through the holes – like meat on a burst sausage.



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Anastasia is known for her curvy figure and sexy snapsCredit: CEN
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The model reportedly got so upset by her followers suggesting that she buy a bigger size of jeans that she disabled the comment section on her Instagram profile.

In the past, Anastasia has been accused of deliberately modelling herself on Kim Kardashian and of stealing ideas from the famous reality TV star.

But she has hit back, claiming that she is "much better looking" – as well as going on to boast that her own body is completely natural and purely a result of "hard work at the gym".

Anastasia admits she "ignores the haters" and insists she only decided to make her curves her trademark after being rejected by several modelling agencies for being “too fat”.

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