An OnlyFans model who spent £11,000 to transform her body has hit back at trolls who told her she looked better before the expensive procedures.

Lola Mason, also known by her cam-girl name MamaPlugs, took to TikTok with pictures before and after her cosmetic surgery to hit back at her haters.

The model, who has set her kids up for life with her X-rated fortune, was seen in the first snap in a thong and a vest top rolled up to show her tummy.

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In the voiceover, she quoted trolls in a mocking tone and said: "Imma title this one 'you look better before', 'get a refund' la la la la."

However, she titled the clip, which has gained more than 8,000 likes: "Insane body transformation" as it transitioned into a photo of her in a bikini after having a tummy tuck and Brazillian butt lift in Turkey.

Fans flocked to the comments to praise her transformation and told her that if she feels more confident as a result, that was all that mattered.

One user said: "No, looks better now."

Another added: "Not about what other people think it’s about how YOU feel, either way you're pretty and look happier."

A third commented: "As long as you feel happier and confident that’s all that matters."

"Naw it looks dope, totally worth it," a fourth wrote.

Someone also asked whether the transformation was from surgery or training. To which, she replied: "Both, I train almost daily and had skin removal and a bbl."

Lola previously spoke to the Daily Star about how her earnings have tripled since she had her surgery with surgeon Dr Serbulent Guzey for making her "the booty of her dreams".

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Lola said: "I’ve spent £11k on surgery, I had a bad overhang from having babies which affected my confidence a lot.

"He fixed my tummy tuck and gave me the booty of my dreams, he had also performed on my friends and they all look amazing.

"My earnings tripled but I honestly don’t think it was just my body that did it. It was my soar in confidence because I wore nicer clothes and was more comfortable naked.

"Confidence is key in this industry and I spent the first few with none!"


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