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From sound engineers and screenwriters to celebrity makeup artists and stylists, Variety’s series “Ask an Insider” asks top professionals within the entertainment industry to share their must-have essentials, for work … and for play. In this installment, singer and songwriter Hayley Kiyoko, currently on tour for her sophomore album “Panorama,” talks about how she keeps up her energy for performances, her self care routines and everything she brings on tour.

Hayley Kiyoko gets more vulnerable than ever in her sophomore album “Panorama.” If her debut album “Expectations” is a celebration of queerness packed with dance floor bops, then her most recent project can be considered an unwrapping of some of the pain that was still hiding under the surface — the product of more than a year of therapy, reading, self-care and songwriting that has led the 31-year-old singer to feel healthier than she ever has before.

“Writing this album ‘Panorama’ was really helpful in just navigating where I am today,” Kiyoko tells Variety. “It’s like a big love letter to myself because it just reminds me to just stay present and to take in the view at every point in my life. Even if I have more goals and dreams and aspirations, there’s so much that I can celebrate.”

Although she’s learned to be easier on herself over the past year (she cites Don Miguel Ruiz’s “The Voice of Knowledge” as a guiding force in her mental health journey), she hasn’t necessarily slowed down. The former Disney star just kicked off a U.S. tour in support of “Panorama” earlier this month, is launching new merch she designed in collaboration with WMX and is even flirting with the idea of expanding the fragrance line she released last year called Hue.

But for now, she’s taking her days one performance at a time, using her few hours in the plane between tour dates as much-needed time for rest and reflection, and fueling her body with healthy food, supplements and the occasional matcha.

Below, Kiyoko shares all the essentials that keep her sane while on tour:

Vimergy Supplements

Courtesy of Amazon

“I rely on a lot of things for energy. I bring a lot of Vimergy with me and I bring Mercury B12 and Vimergy Zinc — I do that every day. I also take five ginger shots every day and drink a beet juice every day which really gives me a lot of energy, especially since I don’t drink coffee. So basically, my energy routine is supplements and then having an iced matcha midday with almond milk.”

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K18 Hair Mask

Courtesy of Amazon

“I’ve literally been bleaching my hair since I was like 11, but honestly my hair needed a lot of help and the K18 hair mask literally saved my hair. And so I started doing that a couple years ago, and then for my shampoo and conditioner I use Davines and then I do the lightweight leave-in conditioner too and I spray that in my hair. The K18, I do it like once a month and it’s just kind of a reset and gives so much love to my hair.”

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Shinola Journal

Courtesy of Shinola

“I do a lot of thinking on the plane. And I’ve written a lot of songs on planes, like hearing melodies. I write in my journal from Shinola most of the time, it’s the best time for me to be able to catch up with myself and refuel — it’s journal time, baby. A lot of lyrics come from excerpts from my journals.”

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Dior Lip Oil

Courtesy of Sephora

“I use a bunch of things on my lips. I love the Dior Lip Oil in Rosewood, which is really good if you’re feeling fancy. And then I also love the Charlotte Tilbury Collegen Lip Gloss in Rosy Glow — those are my to go-tos.”

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‘The Voice of Knowledge’ by Don Miguel Ruiz

Courtesy of Amazon

“I’ve read a book called ‘The Voice of Knowledge’ by Don Miguel Ruiz over the past year and that was really helpful for me to isolate the voices in my mind and navigate what’s real and what are just fears, and what are loud fears yelling at ourselves and sabotaging ourselves and holding ourselves back. Being able to separate the two — knowing who you are and knowing what’s just coming from insecurity or fear — is really helpful.”

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Tumi Oxford Carry-On

Courtesy of Tumi

“I have this rolly Tumi that I bring everywhere I go. It’s basically my purse but borderline a suitcase. So I bring that with me everywhere.”

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‘Panorama’ Merch

Courtesy of WMX

“On tour right now, I have this really cool white-on-white hoodie, and then on the back is this mirage of color and it’s super cozy so I’m impressed with that. I’m also launching a matching sweatshirt and sweatpants set online for people to purchase in lavender which is going to be so fire, and a t-shirt with my face on it. I’m leaning into the purples and oranges. I also have a really cool shirt that we’re dropping online very soon that is from the zine, which is a really cool visual way to explore ‘Panorama’ deeper so you get to see more of the ‘Panorama’ world. It’s a really cool image of me swimming down following this rainbow and it’s got this vintage feel.

My goal for merch is I always want something super cozy and nostalgic and comforting, because when I wear my favorite bands’ t-shirts I always feel like it’s a big hug.”

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