Adam Frost shares his new smaller garden

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On this week’s episode of Gardeners’ World, viewers visited Adam Frost’s garden. During the episode, Adam revealed some of the projects he has been working on and what jobs gardeners can be doing in their gardens now. The recent heatwaves and drought conditions have left some gardeners frustrated when it comes to planting and lawn care.

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Many gardeners will be experiencing dry and dusty lawns that are gasping for some decent rainfall.

However, Adam said, as tempting as it may be, gardeners “can’t water your lawns”. Instead, he offered an alternative solution.

He said: “Look at the lawn! Is your lawn as good as mine? What can you do?

“You can’t water your lawn and actually, in reality, it’s the most successful plant in the world and it will come back again.

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“If it frustrates you that much, do what I’m going to do. So thought I can’t do masses in the garden at the moment, but one of the things I can do is start to prep some borders for later on in the year.

“I remember a couple of weeks ago I was talking about sort of making borders wider, starting to create secret, hidden away spaces.

“So I’ve taken the turf off at the other end of the garden, and I can see now how that’s going to soften my little office.

“Here, I’ve now got that depth to plant some planting to create that sort of more intimate space down below.”

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Adam was planning to replace some of his turf with a patio area that will have blocker paving and be around two metres by two metres in size.

He wanted to add depth by putting planting in front of the paving area.

To do this, he used a technique called string-lining to measure out the area.

The design relied on the precision of the paths and the walls so cutting out the turf freehand may not be the best method.

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Once the area was measured out, he took the edging iron and started to cut across the turf.

When the edge was cut all the way across, he started to lift up the turf to expose the topsoil.

He planned to put the leftover turf in compost bins out the front of his property.

“Once I’ve lifted this turf off, I’m going to start to incorporate over the next few weeks, a well-rotted manure.

“It might well be that I apply more or less 50ml of manure probably twice before it comes to planting.

“Simply take the turf off and that’s leaving behind any decent topsoil.

“I will lift the rest of that up and start to get the goodness back in and then eventually be left with by tucked away place.

“That’s what gardens are all about really. They’re places that you can just hide yourself away and surprise around the corner.”

Gardeners’ World is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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