The officer from Morgan County, Alabama went viral in recent weeks for his stunning likeness to the “Jungle Cruise” star.

There are a lot of people who claim to look like a celebrity and maybe if you turn off the lights, squint your eyes and then close them altogether you can see it. But in the case of a police officer from Alabama, it’s unmistakable.

In fact, Dwayne Johnson’s family might be forgiven for mistaking Patrol Lieutenant Eric Fields of Morgan County, Alabama for The Rock. It’s such an uncanny physical resemblance, it’s easy to see why Fields has gone viral as people around the world have marveled at side-by-side shots.

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Now, the story has made its way to The Rock himself, who had much the same reaction as the rest of the world. Sharing the Bleacher Report’s tweet that tagged him and Eric while showing them even striking a very similar pose with aviator shades and the same grin, the former WWE Superstar was blown away.

“Oh s—! Wow,” he tweeted. He then joked, referencing Fields, “Guy on the left is way cooler.”

Johnson then thanked Fields for his service, telling him to “stay safe brother” and offering to share a drink of his own tequila brand, Teremana. “I need to hear all your ‘Rock stories,'” Johnson wrote. “Because I KNOW you got ’em.”

The resemblance is so uncanny, it legitimately looks as if the “guy on the left” is just Johnson suited for a new role as a police officer in an upcoming film. And yet, Fields has apparently become a bit of a celebrity in his local community for the resemblance.

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In a story published to, Fields said his resemblance to The Rock has been a “running joke” for a few years now. He’s been with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office for 17 years.

“I’ve been called The Rock and Vin Diesel’s love child,” Fields said. “I go along with it. It’s humorous. It’s flattering. It could be worse people, I guess.”

At this point, it’s got to be just a matter of time before the stars align and these two men meet. In that article alone, Fields already has stories of people wanting to meet the cop who looks like The Rock, so we can only imagine what kind of random encounters he’s experienced over the years.

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