Burger King Japan is back with another mouthwatering and ja- unhinging burger series.

After recent releases of the Tokyo Teriyaki Tower and the Ugly Burger series, Burger King‘s next duo of spicy and cheesy Big Mouth Burgers is a new limited-edition offering. The two Big Mouth Burgers in question each feature three flame-grilled beef patties and are set to be available as two extra-large burgers that feature a blend of spices and cheeses.

The Cheese & Cheese Big Mouth Burger is topped with a creamy jalapeno and cheese sauce and like its name, includes an additional richness from the three cheddar cheese slices and shredded three-blend cheese. Those who are interested in a burger with a bit of a kick can indulge in the Super Spicy Big Mouth Burger which sees a special spicy jalapeno cheese sauce top the burger.

Both items hit Burger King locations across Japan between August 27 and September 9.

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